Our Story

          I always say that Victoria, my oldest gave me the idea and Vannah my youngest gave me the inspiration to create TeetherTops.  When Victoria was teething she would always drop her teether and at all the wrong times!  It would always be when we were out shopping and my hands were full, and there was never a place to rinse the teether off.  This was very frustrating!  One day  I just said this would be so much better if the teether was on her wrist.  I made one by hand and she loved it!!  So I began my research and found that my idea was unlike any other I had seen.  I found that many times when she dropped the teether there was nothing else that would satisfy her like her toy she had just dropped.

I realized that not having another toy handy to satisfy Victoria was a problem too, so thats when I made the teether toy with interchangeable teethers that you slide on and off of the band. After much trial and error the invention started to become real. Somewhere along the road I lost my drive and my idea fell by the wayside. I few years later Vannah was born and my inspiration kicked back in. She was born with a rare chromosomal disorder, trisomy 9. This was a life altering event for the entire family. I wanted a way that I could be there for my children when they needed me and make sure Vannah continued to get the best care she needs.

I revamped TeetherTops™ and I haven’t looked back since. Having a special needs child really inspired me to go after my dreams and encourage other mothers with special needs children to do the same!


~Quisha King