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Whether you’re a new mom, or a veteran mommy,Teething solutions for new moms
the teething faze is not fun for moms or babies!  With
the crankiness, the drooling, the sore gums, and  food refusal, teething symptoms can vary from child to child, but one thing is for certain, it’ll drive you crazy!

One of the most recommended solutions by pediatricians and moms is freezing  a wash cloth to relieve teething woes.  But having to lug around a wash cloth is not very practical and not something you want your child to carry around when you’re out and about, right?  Also, we all know babies love to drop toys, who wants a give their child a wet wash cloth that just fell to the floor at the pediatricians office? YUK!

TeetherTops™ makes it easy for moms to soothe  teething symptoms with a simple, mom and baby preferred,  pediatrician approved solution.  With its 100% cotton cloth, you can freeze these cute little  teething toys and not worry about it getting all icky with germs. 

No More Dropped Teethers!

TeetherTops™ gives you relief from relentlessly picking up your little one’s dropped teether from the floor!  Not only does it stay ON the wrist and OFF the floor, but it comes with removable toys that gives your tot variety and stimulation!



Keeps teether off the floor! Keeps germs away from your little one,  machine washable,  BPA free, firmly stuffed to soothe irritated gums,  great colors for brain and eye stimulation, awesome for special needs children who have trouble grasping toys, or children who constantly mouth clothing or objects.